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The Bum Drum Conundrum

July 11, 2019

Malina's friends have got a new game — The Bum Drum. She loves to play with her friends, but not when they're playing this! Malina doesn't like The Bum Drum game, and learns the importance of speaking up and saying "NO". After finding out she is upset, Malina's friends learn to listen to each other and that respect and consent is REALLY important.

The Bum Drum Conundrum teaches children about consent and that saying "no" is okay.

Bum Drum cover.jpg

Also available in Canada from these other sellers

In Montreal, Quebec

Encore Books and Records

Encore Books and Records

Petite Librairie Drawn and Quarterly

L'Euguélionne Bookstore

Argo Bookshop

Concordia Co-op Bookstore

Babar Books

In Kingston, Ontario

Go Green Baby

Go Green Baby

The Campus Bookstore at Queen's University

Novel Idea Bookstore

Praise for The Bum Drum Conundrum

"5 Stars. Learning how to say NO!"

"This new picture book by Tiny Tree certainly deserves a prize"

"I love the concept of this book and would highly recommend it to parents and carers"

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